this is never going to not be funny 

I just watched this 4 times

They should of just rolled with it.



heathers the musical songs: a summary

  • beautiful: high school sucks
  • candy store: popularity and other horrid pursuits
  • fight for me: fuck hot strangers
  • freeze your brain: can you tell i'm a psychopath?
  • big fun: drugs
  • dead girl walking: drunk frickle frackle
  • the me inside of me: i'm still popular after i'm dead
  • blue: the genitalia song
  • blue (reprise): the genitalia song, round 2
  • our love is god: ok srsly, how the fuck do you not realize i'm a psychopath
  • dead gay son: homos in heaven
  • seventeen: angsty teen duet
  • shine a light: we're all fuckin nerds
  • lifeboat: did i mention high school sucks?
  • shine a light (reprise): teenagers are horrible people
  • kindergarten boyfriend: gross sobbing
  • yo girl: i done fucked up
  • meant to be yours: sexy psychopath strikes again
  • dead girl walking (reprise): why did i drunk frickle frackle?
  • i am damaged: don't make me sympathize with the psychopath
  • seventeen (reprise): let's stop being assholes